Janine Quinn has been designing handbags since her early days as a lawyer.  Seeking refuge in creativity, her design aesthetic is very much influenced by the structure, functionality and accuracy of the law and the bohemian free-spirit that balances her psyche.  Because the two concepts are very much opposites, the aesthetics are complimentary of each other and the end result is a highly functional product with soul. 

Inspired by a nomadic spirit and memories of days in Bohemia, Fernweh & Fringe is Janine’s brand that holds a history spanning across travels from Hungary to Central America.  Made with originally designed hand loomed rugs sourced from India, everything about the company has been a very slow, organic and select process.  The alchemy of the brand continues to evolve through collaborations and new travels. 

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to wear a little something every day as a unique expression of my style.  Whether its a ring that I found in a trinket shop in Turkey, a scarf made by a student from SCAD in Savannah, or a brightly colored handbag with a story, we should endeavor not to be cookie-cutter.”